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January to June 2022


First Step: The Whitepaper & Business Plan


The team is focused on providing the opening specs and establishing a strong operational & financial foundation.


Laurent is appointed in charge of the Financial Vision of The Ocean’s Club. This task encompasses everything from creating a company Wallet to managing the budget for each department, as well as securing notaries, lawyers and creating the basic role of operations for the accounting sector.


Miklose will lead the Marketing Team and start building the Community Environment. Twitter / Telegram / Instagram / Discord will be our main communication networks. As the PR for the company, he will organize community events,

airdrops & giveaways, as aforementioned on the main summary.


Amin and Guillaume are Ocean’s Club community managers, responsible for maintaining the administrative duties of the community sector.


The Graphic team will provide the visual identity of the Ocean's Club as well as the first collection.


Second Step: The Website


Our goal is to be transparent about the company direction and provide as much information as possible to our community and our future investors. All important news and information will be shared on the website, and updated by our community managers. But!! Some things might have to be kept secret until launch time - TBD.


This website is the first draft of our project and we are expecting several modification throughout 2022.

Our Web Designer & IT Manager position is currently open. Once filled, more features and information will be uploaded.


Welcome to the Roadmap of 2022!



Third Step: ISO - Private Sales


Here is the most important part of this project, the ISO !

Our purpose is to link the forgotten islands, and create an economic strength that is not available at the moment, while also creating a Metaverse that links everyone together.

This collection will be sold for three reasons :


1. Be involved in our community and the project by financing a part of it. 

 2. To have a feedback of our work and show our potential to the community

 3. Create the first look of our tokenomics with few benefits if you buy the VIP Collection


The success of this collection will immediately be modeling into power and will give us the kick-off.

The Benefits & Rewards will be presented during the sales. You can consider this collection similar as an ISO.


Fourth Step: Q&A Meeting


Once we have set up all the steps above, it is time for us to get deeper into the project and answer the questions you may have.

To do so, we will organize different meetings and open the discussions in 2022 & more.




First Step: Tokenomics Update


A big part of this presentation will be to organize, plan and explain the Tokenomics of Ocean's Club.

Our definition of our Tokenomics is not only in regards to “how to win money" but also a description of how the ecosystem will work, how every member of the community will be rewarded and what options there will be to make money. Some examples: VIP Pass for Virtual Showcase, Free access to the Ocean's Club, RealLife Events and much more ! 

Since we are working for the community, we will require participation for each decision.


Second Step: Airdrop & Giveaways


This portion focuses on Rewards, and how the Ocean's Club will be organizing this huge program.

Also, private sales for the next collection will be coordinated, as well as giveaways for our “MVP” community members. Stay tuned folks !!!


Third Step: Governance Update


This step will be more technical by nature, and will focus on analyzing and updating the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

We will also review the previous objectives, note their success, and take inventory to see if one should extend the blockchain access and create new utilities.



Fourth Step: Our First NFT Collection


Since our Fan Art Collection has had a lot of success, the Ocean’s Club will now launch it’s own private collection. To be honest, we anticipated the success, and our graphic design team has been working on the project since November of 2021. .


This collection will be minted and available in stores.

Included will be previous topics about Tokenomics & Governance.


After a deep breath, we will then be ready to enter inside the giant world of DeFi to prepare for the next level.


Fifth Step: Website Development


At this point, our website will need a refresh and we will add more information about the project, new features and more.

Our Web Designer and IT manager will be in charge of the version 2.0.


During this process, the community will be consulted to see if our vision is consistent.

Our VIP members will be able to vote and participate in different  topics.


Sixth Step: Q&A Meeting


Every quarter, our team will organize a meeting to report what happened over the past months, while providing a short preview of the next steps and to answer the community’s questions.

At this moment, maybe the Marketing team will add few surprise and gifts... Who knows !?

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