All the members of the Ocean's Club stem from different locations, united through this project,

From the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Australia, and USA to French Polynesia, 

we have created a cultural melting pot which drives our goal to provide you with the best Ocean's Club.

Here is a short and funny resume of the main actors of this project.

Laurent C.
Co-FOunder & CFO

Laurent, our Chief Financial Officer, is foremost responsible for orchestrating and uniting each grain of sand attached to the Ocean’s Club.

He’s been writing Business Plans since before he could walk, and has broken the business algorithm with his successes.

He will provide the community with an infallible security, and boldly lead us to success.

Living in French Polynesia, he will connect us to the amazing Pacific Ocean and his treasures.


His favorite tag line is “The slower you run, the slower you advance”.

Miklose S.
Co-Founder & marketing


Miklose, Director of Marketing and Communication, will direct the formation and branding of Ocean’s Club, guiding the project with his unique vision.

Always looking toward the horizon, he will provide the best strategies to catch the freshest fish.

His missions will be to connect the different communities and organize all the events around The Ocean's Club. Also, thanks to his exceptional communication skills, all the Ocean's Club Communities will hear about our project.


His tagline is “The wind will take you where you need to go.”

Amin K.
co-founder & Admin


Strapped with only a backpack, our co-founder Amin would scale the highest mountain to make sure we have constant communication between land and sea. As the main connect for the islands, he will stay fishing and maintain a presence in the community that will allow him to provide the best content and updates. 
Most importantly, Amin will be our European representative, ensuring all information is properly transmitted to the necessary reigning supremes, and that all contracts are written, signed and authenticated.

His favorite tag line is "Fluctuat NEC Mergitur…"

Guillaume G.


An exceptional community manager, armed with the most exceptional flip flops. He passes his time on the most beautiful of beaches, focused on his work, but often distracted by a lifeguard with long black hair. An integral
part of the marketing team, Guillaume is always hustling. Where you’ll meet him: bartering for the freshest fish.


His main responsibilities will include setting, planning and implementing social media and communication campaigns and strategies, while providing engaging text, image and video content for all social media and professional accounts.

Larry K.
WRITTER & 2D Artist


Slave to his pen, Larry’s words will conduct the masses through the universe of the oceans club, creating connections that span cultures and connect future endeavors.

He will unite us and make sure our history is recorded, step by step.

As our exclusive storyteller, he will shares our discoveries, their cultures and your experiences through wonderful fairy tales.

His favorite tag line is "You can kill the dreamer but not the dream"

Léo B.
graphic designer


Our "Take Off" professional, our Wheeling adventurer but also a graphic designer with oceanic talent! Coming straight from Raiatea, he is the guarantor of the craziest and most sandy projects.


Friends of animals, surfboards and weird stuff, it is inspired by it to provide you with ever more qualitative and surprising collections.

If you can't see the connection between a shark and a fox, he'll show you!

Along with the whole "Creative Content" team, his role is to create and bring the world of NFTs to life.

His favorite tag line is “ Fine art is when the hand, the head, and the heart of humankind go together”

Nathan L.
3d Designer


The 3D graphic designer of Oceans club, he promises to deliver the most whimsical designs as well as the sandiest.

He’s constantly on the look-out for new inspiration so he can provide the most surprising collections.


By collaborating with the rest of the team providing creative content, be will having you living and experiencing the world of NFT’s before you know it.

His favorite tag line is "Great discovery implies great Disco"

Graphic Designer


Coming straight from the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea, Dominique will be, as strong tree roots, the link between our creativity and the marketing department.
Taking care of our sunsets & sunrises, he will melt the colors and give you the best picture of our project.

Looking further, Dominique will also be a part of our Metaverse and will create each grain of sand. A long journey awaits and the best things are coming.

His favorite tag line is "You only live once"

lisa T.
brand ambassador


Borned and Raised in the Pacific Islands, who can be better to show you the magic of this part of the world. As a flower catching the lights in our metaverse, she will represent the beauty of our project. Taking care of some events happening in Europe, Lisa will be our coordinator and will participate to the expansion of The Ocean’s Club.

As well as in the metaverse and the real-life events, be ready to have a warm welcome and be able to talk about Polynesian Culture, Arts and tradition.

Her favorite tag line : “A mana'o to muri mai / Think about the future ”